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Friday, June 11, 2010

Stacy Stower's Happy Shake

1.The BASE:
3-4 cups fresh spinach.....GREEN is Glorious!
1/2 cup liquid base.....water, juice, coconut milk. it's your choice...
1T. coconut oil...good fat won't make you fat! This is essential for a healthy happy body, keeping you satisfied and metabolizing the spinach.

2.The HAPPY Part:
1T. Maca....for staminia, endurance, mental clarity and peak sexual performance for both men and women
1T. Raw Cacao (Raw Chocolate) it's Raw state chocolate is actually a valuable potent super-food loaded with nutrients and neuro-peptides very similar to the ones our bodies create when we are in LOVE!
1T. a super GREEN RAW powder....GREEN is highly alkalizing. This is crucial! Very important for wieght management and longevity!

I package and sell "The Happy Part"! This makes it one simple and easy step. just add 2 -3 Table Spoons of my premixed "Happy Part". send me a message here at or email me at


4. Now start adding your favorite frozen fruit......bananas, berries, mango, papaya....i like to use bananas and bluberries.....enjoy!

Now go out and have the Best DAY Ever!!!!

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  1. Anni, did you taste these? We need a tasters input! I will come out and taste them myself. They sound wonderful.