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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Bosnian Sister

This is my first non-food post but it has been food for thought for me and I wanted to share. For the last year, I have had a new sister, a sister from Bosnia named Vahida, through Women for Women International. Women for Women pairs you with a sister from a country recently at war - all the women are survivors of war. For one year I have supported Vahida financially while she learns a new trade. But recently when opening a letter form her, I realized that I have been the one touched by her. She started her recent letter with "Dear unknown sister from afar, I can tell you that I have already started to love while reading your letters, regardless of the fact that we don't know each other." And right then and there, I was struck by Vahida's openess and vulnerability and ability to communicate her feelings that way, with a stranger no less. Perhaps it's easier with a stranger, I muse to myself, looking for an excuse for my lack of demonstrativeness. And I try to convince myself - I do things for others, I cook for others, remember birthdays, and I regale my list. But I don't often use the words that Vahida used with me - I have already started to love you. As I sign off, I am reaching for my phone to call my sister, my blood sister, to tell her how much I appreciate her always remembering my husband's birthday and that he thinks of her as his little sister too - and yes, I love you Robin.

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  1. I thin you are fabulous too dearest sister. I love you!